Are you busy? Rhea Lana's of Manatee County is on a mission to offer options to make consigning and shopping easy,convenient and productive for your busy life.


DO you want to consign and not have to worry about consignor check in? Choose to sell all items at half off on last few days and donate ALL your unsold items to our local foster families and charities and you are eligible.
Space is limited so make sure to sign up. email for the form!
**Items must be entered, pre-labeled, and sorted into size by gender to qualify. Express Drop Off will be Wed, Sept. 4 from 5PM-9PM by appointment.
RL Manatee partners with several local charities such as Safe Children Coalition, HOPE, SOLVE, CareNet, Head Start, Stillpoint House of Prayer, North River Pregnancy Center, Hunger's End, Angels Attic, Mothers Helping Mothers, Kidney Foundation and many local schools, churches and other nonprofit organizations.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for donating!
Regular consignor check in for consignors picking up unsold items is always available.
Bonus: If you donate, you can skip the line at consignor pick up and either come in for just your check, or we will mail it to you.

ITEM LIMITS & PARAMETERS - Maximize your earnings!

MINIMUM: 35 items unless you are selling large ticket items like baby furniture and equipment, ride-ons, outdoor toys, etc. (questions can be emailed to MAXIMUM: Bring 200 of your best items. Great quality items in great and clean condition sell very well.
Newborn to 9 mos., 50 items per gender; Maternity, 20 stylish items. If you have like items in the same size ex. onesies, or outfits, or leggings, etc., they may be combined on one hanger and count as 1 item. Teen, Stylish, name-brand items for teens will sell (ex. American Eagle, Aerospostale, Adidas, Hollister, Abercrombie, Forever 21, Rue 21, North Face, Polo, Old Navy, Express, Nike, Vans, Pink, etc.)

RESTOCK on Sunday!

Back by popular demand - Restock!! On Sunday, Sept 8th th from 9:00am-10am, we will be accepting restock items such as furniture, toys and baby equipment. The database will be re-opened to enter these additional items. We'll be notifying registered consignors via email and Facebook with complete details.

VIP Consigning

You've asked us and we will build it! Do you have name brand and boutique brand children's clothing, toys and/or baby equipment? Our VIP Consignors make 35% of what their items sell for and WE do all of the work for you! Please for more information.


There are lots of great buys at Rhea Lana's. To ease your shopping, racks are separated by Tops, Bottoms, Dresses & Other.
(ex. Boys 3T tops, Boys 3T bottoms, Girls 12M tops, Girls 12M bottoms, Girls 12M dresses, Girls 12M other).
CONSINGORS: ensure your items are sized ahead of time and placed correctly on the racks at check in so drop off is a snap & shoppers can easily find your items.

ACCEPTING (Fall 2019)

*Fall/Winter Clothing sizes NB - Tween/Teen and maternity clothing (see above for limits)
*All-year Florida clothing: shorts, short-sleeves, jeans, school uniforms.
*VERY CLEAN shoes & boots (items that look excessively worn or have rips, odors, etc. will not sell and can not be accepted). *Baby Equipment such as strollers, pack n plays, high chairs, car seats (manufactured less than 5 years ago and not recalled), jumperoos, walkers, exersaucers, families line up for these items.
*Toys - Indoor, outdoor, ride-on, castles, kitchens, tool benches, etc. (clean, working condition, with all parts present and working batteries where applicable.
*1st year essentials like nursing pillows, feeding, bathing, diapering, monitors, safety, etc.

ACCEPTING (specifics)

*Nursery and children's bedding (crib, twin and full), priced very affordably and neatly packaged with size of bedding and items included clearly labeled. Mobiles, white noise, soothers, also sell.
*Decor for nursery and kids rooms only.
**Plush toys only if they are specific characters or battery operated and in excellent condition (ex. Disney, Sesame, Build-A-Bear, Squishmallows, Pusheen & Stuffies, Beanie Boos - NO Beanie Babies or Pillow Pets please)
*Bicycles, sports equipment
*Children's or parenting books, games & puzzles (with all pieces), arts & crafts sets with all pieces >$3 (our minimum price for all items)
*DVDs and Electronics in appropriate cases with no visible scratches - rated E-PG/Teen ratings (please, no R-rated movies, questionable content or excessive violence)


*Tanks, swimwear and sundresses (please save for Spring/Summer)
*Underwear (Please do not enter underwear into our system unless it is brand new in an unopened packages).
*Adult clothing other than maternity (20 current style barcodes per consignor)
*Any recalled items without manufacturer remedy installed or attached (check Equipment & Toy recalls here and order a "fix kit" if available).
*Car Seats manufactured before August, 2014 (You must certify that you are the original owner and the seat has not be in an accident in order to sell a car seat at RL)
*Cribs that drop side cirbs or cribs that don't meet the Rhea Lana crib standard discussed under merchandise preparation tab.
*Items not in great condition - no excessive wear and tear, broken zippers, missing buttons, pilling, soiled, etc.
*Breast pumps unless they are in original, sealed manufacture's packaging
*Plush toys unless name brands listed above
*Teethers, pacifiers or bottle nipples that are not in new packaging
RL Manatee does NOT have a household item section. Please ensure all items are baby and child-related. RLM reserves the right to turn away items that do not meet acceptable criteria.
If you have questions, please post them in the Facebook "Consignor Club" or contact


Car-Rider Loop Style Drop Off procedures will make consignor check in quick & efficient. Please be sure you are prepared by:
1. Organizing, entering and keeping your items in size order within gender (ex. boys clothing size 2, 4, 6, etc., Girls, size 5T, 6, 7, etc.)
2. Printing your inventory sheet. If you prefer we print for you, there will be a $1/batch charge.
3. Check Email and Facebook Drop Off Instructions prior to coming in on drop off days. ALL ITEMS MUST BE PREPPED AND ENTERED INTO THE SYSTEM PRIOR TO DROP OFF.
4. All consignment venues require a drop off and inspection process. Please be prepared to spend approx. 1 hour per every 100 items your are consigning at drop off. Prepare for more time if you plan to attach your barcodes in the store or your items are not properly tagged and labeled per the instructions.

Continuing This Sale

Labels at Home! - optional for EXPERIENCED CONSIGNORS

If you have previously consigned with Manatee RL ONLY - you may print and attach your labels in the comfort of your home. This makes drop off a breeze.
Tips for success are:

1. Use Chrome browser only

2. Color printer only (Avery 5160 compatible labels 30 per page only)

3. UNCHECK "fit to page"

4. Ensure your labels printed exactly on the label to avoid any trouble with bar codes.

5. Call, text or email if you have trouble.
DO NOT affix bar codes unless they are color printed and perfectly straight.
Be sure item descriptions match the item you are affixing.
**If labels are crooked, don't scan well or are off the label, item guarantee will not apply.

If time permits we will announce early pickup for labels. Pick them up from us and put them on in the comfort of your home.
Items labelled at home do not qualify for the item guarantee unless ALL rules are followed to the letter and descriptions match items.

All consignors always have the option of labeling in the store. We will have labels ready for consignors on drop off days.


Descriptions are important so try using this method when speaking your descriptions to your phone:
Brand ______
Discount (Yes/No) tells our system if the item can go half off if not sold by the end of the sale).
Ex. Stride Rite, brown boots, size 7, price $5 discount Yes.
Ex. CityMini, red jogger, size nothing (you need to state size whether item has size or not), price $100, discount No.
Ex. 4PC, green feeding set, size nothing, price $5, discount Yes.
Getting the hang of it? Long descriptions will not fit on barcodes and descriptions like "shirt" will not help us ID your item if the tag falls off. Using the structure above will make it easy.


Is your stroller, swing or other baby equipment recalled? It happens often, even to new items.
Sometimes there is fix or remedy available so you can still sell and make $$$. Click RECALL FINDER to check your merchandise and maximize your earnings!
If you have installed or included a recall fix on any of your items, please notify us at drop off and include a description or the paperwork with the item if possible.


Just getting started or curious on how to price to sell? Check out Rhea Lana's price point recommendations:
Click Here
Unless it is a higher ticket price item or a special circumstance, we highly recommend selling your items for half price if they are not sold by the end of the event. There were over 1000 shoppers at our last half price event. Your items remain on the sales floor whether half off or not, but many shoppers want that deal. You will love that exponentially larger check and some free drawer/closet space at home if you allow your items to sell at half price.


A list helps you maximize savings as you go right to the items you know that you need. We set up our store so you can easily find things but ask a volunteer


Our events are for children's items but can be very overwhelming for young children (toddlers specifically). Shoppers are happier if they can concentrate on their shopping and not their young ones that want to play with all of the awesome toys they see. If you can get a sitter, it's highly recommended. TIPS: If you need to bring your young child, bring a helper, or at minimum, snacks and several things to keep him/her busy. We can not allow children to play with consignor toys, etc.
A list of what you will need next for each child helps tremendously when shopping.
If you are shopping for shoes, trace their feet. You can match up the tracings to be sure the shoes will fit.
We want you to have a fun, relaxing and profitable shopping experience!