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How to Consign Video Tutorials

Short videos to show you what supplies you need, how to apply barcode labels, how to prep miscellaneous item, and how to enter items using Voice Entry. Click the link above to view on YouTube! (These videos can also be found on the Rhea Lana's app!)

Consignor Group Club on Facebook

Tutorials, photos examples, short, how-to videos, pricing advice, and many experienced consignors willing to answer your questions for you. Whether you're a new consignor or practically a professional, the consignor club will have all of the current information on dropping off, barcode pickup times, shopping times and more.

Printing my own barcodes - Free

You can print your barcodes at home but must follow instructions: 1. Color Printing ONLY 2. Avery or compatible labels 30 per page 3. Use chrome as browser and UNCHECK "fit to page" option 4. Be sure that each barcode has printed properly on each label. 5. Carefully affix your labels to your string tags being sure not to bend the barcode itself and that your barcode is on the correct item.

I want my barcodes mailed - $3 fee

Closed for thsi sale. To receive your barcodes by mail (as opposed to printing yourself or picking up at a specific time and location TBD), We will add $3 to your $11 consignor fee that will automatically come out of your check. Just email and tell us you approve the $3 fee. Please include your full name and address in the email.

Barcode Pick Up - Free

We strongly encourage attaching barcodes at home during this time. We will hold barcode pick up several times the two weeks prior to the event. Be sure to check the email address we have on file for updates and consignor instructions.

Supplies (prices vary)

We have consignor packs with string tags and pins available for purchase at every barcode pickup time.

Regular Consignor Drop Off - Free

Bring your items to your appointment in the order listed on your printed inventory sheet (we can print for $1). Having it printed prior to drop off saves you time. We check in your items, you place on sales floor, get passes and check out. Unsold items are returned to you at consignor pick up and items are guaranteed.

Drop & Go Service - Free

Organize your items by size within gender, attach barcodes at home and allow ALL items to go half price and DONATE ALL unsold items. You will simply pull up to the door at your appointment time, we will unload and put them away for you. You will receive Free PreSale Passes and Guest passes for a friend.

Consignor Credit

Shop with the dollars you would otherwise receive at the end of the event. Simply show us your "check sales" dollars and picture ID at the register and we will deduct it from your consignor check! Happy Shopping!


A VIP processor will hang, tag, price, enter and drop off your freshly laundered items to the sale. You earn 35% of sales instead of 65% if you process yourself. You receive Free Consignor PreSale passes and can pick up your items and check or donate unsold items and have check mailes.